Dancing: I Think I Do It Wrong

As excited as I was for my spring break, I was not looking forward to the nearly five-hour drive back home.  I was burnt out from schoolwork and desperately needed some time to recuperate.  As a result, I decided to return home a day early and surprise my family.

Considering I would only be home for slightly more than a week, I of course felt it necessary to bring every article of clothing I owned back with me.  When it comes to over packing, I make it an art form.

Dacing-I think I do it wrong-1

I was a little worried to begin my trip, since sitting for long periods of time typically means I’m sleeping for 93.5% of that time.  I realized ten minutes into my trip that I was never going to make it home in one piece unless drastic measures were taken.

I blared the music and proceeded to sing and dance.  Well…. I guess a better name for it would be screech and shake, since I am not so sure that you could refer to that as singing and my so called “dance moves” weren’t very distinguishable from the moves of one of those inflatable advertising figures.

Dancing-I think I do it wrong-2

Halfway through the trip, one of my all-time favorite songs came on the radio, Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas.  I of course chose to turn the music up even louder and really get into it.  Ignoring all the concerned looks from the strangers in passing cars, I pulled out all the stops and really let my dancing have a mind of its own.

By the end of the song I was so wrapped up in the music that I unknowingly through in an extra fancy “dance move”.  The reason I know it was extra fancy is because it resulted in pain.  Lots of it.  Clearly my young body can’t handle the intensity of its own “dancing” and simply gave out on me.

Dancing-I think I do it wrong-3

For a not so brief second I thought I broke my back, but in hindsight it was probably just a pinched nerve and a pulled muscle.  All I know is that I sat in complete silence and almost perfect stillness for the last hour of the car trip, and the next morning I awoke with a sore back.  Personal philosophy: If it doesn’t hurt, your dancing is terrible.


4 thoughts on “Dancing: I Think I Do It Wrong

  1. My goal for “car dancing” is to embarrass my children. I’ve never hurt myself doing it, but I reckon there’s a first time for everything. And as for staying awake on long trips – when I used to make the long-ish drive from Waco to central Louisiana, I would, on occasion, roll down the window and moo at cows as I passed them. Anything to stay awake.

    • I would say that’s a valid reason to car dance. That cow thing though, I might think about giving it a try. It sounds entertaining and I have ample opportunity to try it out, since most driving in Iowa and Illinois consists of passing numerous farms.

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