Off the Heezy

It is always a struggle staying awake in my early morning classes.  Today, in my large Calculus II lecture hall, I found it to be a particularly difficult task.

I was so sleepy that I kept doing that head-bobbing thing, falling asleep and jumping awake.  This continued for about 10 minutes until I fell asleep all together.

I’m not sure what caused it, but about 5 minutes later I quickly leapt awake.  Maintaining no control over my arms, they flew out in front of me sending my calculator flying.  I watched in silent panic as it crashed into the back of a kid’s head a row in front of me, and then hit the ground with a bang.

Off the Heezy

Immediately the kid turned to look at me, clearly even more surprised than I was at what had just happened.  As I attempted to explain myself, it came to my attention that he did not understand half of what I was saying.  He spoke one word, in what I can only assume to be some sort of eastern dialect, and then promptly turned back around.  I’m fairly certain that it was a word I would not like to repeat, and his menacing glare as we were leaving the lecture hall seemed to support this claim.

I only wish I could have told him that I meant no harm; but hey, when you throw a calculator at someone’s head, whether or not it was on purpose, you can’t expect them to be happy about it.


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