A Coffee to the Butt

I thought I was going to have a fairly uneventful day today …but then I got on the bus.

Going to a college with such a large campus often, during the wintertime, requires you to take the campus bus to all of your classes.  It is always hit or miss whether you end up with a good bus driver, and today I happened to get an elderly man with a bad habit of applying the brakes too hard.

By the third sudden stop most of the people on the bus had become accustomed to the jerky driving; and those of us who had been standing had managed to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. While arriving at the next stop, the driver had apparently not been paying attention when a kid attempted to cross the street. He instantly slammed on the brakes extra hard, catching me off guard and causing me to accidentally plop down on the lap of the girl directly to the right of me. What surprised me even more was that, two seconds later, I began to feel a gentle burning sensation coming from my rear bumper.

A coffee to the butt

Bewildered and in pain, I turned to see what was left of the cup of coffee I had squashed onto the girl’s lap with my rump, just moments before. Having not been expecting to be thrown on her lap or for her to be holding a cup of coffee, I was at a loss for words. Gathering myself, I apologized to her profusely, though she did seem more concerned for my rear, since my pants had absorbed most of the coffee not remaining in the cup and she was aware of how insanely hot it had been.

Though my clothes can easily be washed, I am not so sure my rump will ever be the same. Two hours later and I have yet to recover all of the feeling back there.


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